The World Is Ours Volumes 1-3 (50+ Songs)

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The World Is Ours Volumes 1-3 (50+ Songs)

"The World Is Ours" Volumes 1-3 CD Compilations

3 CD's with over 50+ Songs from your
favorite Ungerground, Political,
Conscious, Street Hop MC's & Groups.

Featuring Krazy Race, Sick Symphonies, Immortal Technique,
Revolution of The Mind, Hasan Salaam, Q-Unique, Sabac Red,
Slaine, Brown Caesar, Killah Priest, Grime, C Rayz Walz, The Armada,
Kemo The Blaxican, Scheme, Nejma Shea, Boot Camp Clik, Gutterfame,
Los Crux, & many, many more!!!

CD's sell for $10 each, so you can
get all 3 for $20 plus shipping.
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